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Triton T90Z 8.5kw Pumped Electric Shower


Integrated pump for homes where mains water pressure is low, unreliable
or non-existent. For use with gravity fed water systems only

Stylish slim-line design

Push button Start/Stop – allows the last used shower settings to be retained

'Power on' indicator clearly signified by the high intensity blue LED light

3 power settings: “cold “ ideal for rinsing, “economy” for energy saving use when the incoming water is warmer and “high” to achieve the maximum water heating capability of the shower

Temperature control with a good grip and clear markings for easy temperature selection

Easy to install

Ideal for easy replacement of existing T90 variants

Rub Clean Showerhead – 5 spray patterns for an individual showering experience; from an invigorating central jet through to a soothing wider spray pattern

Stylish curved riser rail kit with soap dish

Available in 8.5kW or 9.5kW power ratings