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Electrical Safety Tips for the Home 16/10/2014 @ 10:09

Stay safe around the home with our Electrical Safety Tips below.

Bathroom Safety

- Never use portable appliances in the bathroom e.g. hairdryer or electric heaters.

- Ensure all electrical equipment in the bathroom are in a fixed and permanent position.

- Sockets should never be fitted in a bathroom, unless they are specially designed outlets e.g. shaver outlet.

Kitchen Safety

- Have a fire blanket and fire extinguisher easily accessible in the kitchen.

- Make sure to unplug an electrical appliance before cleaning it.

- When buying an electrical appliance, make sure that they carry the CE approval mark meeting European safety standards.

- Have damaged/faulty appliances, sockets or switches repaired immediately by a professional.

- Never use a 2 pin plug in a 3 pin socket.

- Never leave chip pans/deep fat fryers unattended.

 Rest of the House

- Check that your RCD (Residual Current Device) is working properly.

- Installing power surge equipment can prevent damage to your electrical appliances.

- Never make an extension of a cord by taping joints together.

- Always have faulty appliances repaired by a registered electrical professional.

- Remember to test smoke alarms regularly and replace battery…have at least two smoke alarms fitted in your home.

- Leave a light on in hallways/stairs at night time to prevent accidents.