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Outdoor and Garden Lighting Tips 01/09/2014 @ 09:34

We are soon approaching the long dark evenings and now is no better time to invest in your outdoor/garden lighting. The major purpose of outdoor/garden lighting is to illuminate the outside of your home at night and increase visibility. It also makes the outdoor area a safer place and decorates your garden. Here are a few tips to give you an insight to outdoor/garden lighting.

Lamp Posts and Bollards are ideal for lighting up your driveway.

Lighting can be installed on your decks and patios, using spotlights on these have a great visual effect.

Lighting up gardens and driveways can completely change your landscape at night time. Pier lights are ideal fittings at entrance gates. This will create a warm welcoming glow to your visitors during the dark evenings ahead.

A well-lit pathway is welcoming and makes walking more secure. Steps should also be well lit for safety.

Lighting can also be used to illuminate garden features

Spot, accent lights, floodlights can be used for more directional lighting e.g. to light up trees or large garden plants

Wall washers or lanterns can be placed on the side of the house to enhance the structural elements of your home.

Ensure all your outdoor lighting fixtures are in working order.

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